About Rome



What’s the weather like in Rome in June?
In the middle of June, the weather in Rome is beautiful and mild. The average temperature is 24°C, it rarely falls below 20°C or goes above 28°C , in the central hours of the day
The days are long and sunny, which gives you more time to explore the city and take in all of the fantastic sights and historical buildings that Rome is known for. Rome is the capital of Italy and sits in the central-western region.
It incorporates Vatican City, which is known as the smallest state in the world.


The best way to get around Rome is on foot.
Many of the most famous attractions are clustered in traffic-free zones.
A non-stop express train (the Leonardo Express) takes you from the Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO) to Rome Termini railway station in 32 minutes; the one-way ticket costs 14 euros. Buses are also available. 
Metro: in Rome there are three metro lines. You will find stations scattered throughout the city marked by signs with a big red “M” on them.
You can buy  tickets (one-way) for 1.50 euros  at the metro stations and convenience stores throughout the city.
Alternatively, if you plan to rely on public transportation for most of your trip to Rome, you might want to purchase a 24-hour card for 7 euros; a 48-hour card for 12.50 euros; or a 72-hour card for 18 euros. If you purchased a Roma Pass, your public transportation fares are covered by the pass.
Rome’s public transport map


Rome is full of restaurants, from trattorias that cook up family recipes spanning generations to fusion restaurants that plate up the latest culinary trend.
Don’t miss out on Roman specialties – such as artichokes, which are so beloved they have a protected status from the European Union. Try them at the Jewish district “Ghetto”. Cacio e Pepe is a simple pasta dish flavored with Pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper, and it originated in Rome. If you add smoked pork jowl and egg, you get another Roman pasta dish, carbonara.
Any Roman will agree, the best way to whet your appetite before sinking your teeth into a pizza is with fritti: deep-fried goodies that are tasty, comforting and oh-so-satisfying. A classic choice is the supplì, a fried rice-ball mixed with ragù and mozzarella and cooked to perfection.   

Coffee is an art in Rome, and to enjoy one of the best espresso drinks, try out the Caffe Sant’Eustachio, established in 1938, or the Antigua Tazza d’Oro near the Pantheon.