Daniela De Biase

Daniela De Biase
Main position/role:
Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Daniela De Biase, general secretary of the 2022 Regional Meeting of the World Health Summit, is Associate Professor at Sapienza University of Rome. She holds a degree in Biological Sciences (Sapienza), a PhD in Biochemistry (Cardiff University, UK), and has spent several research periods abroad. She teaches fundamental and medical Biochemistry in two courses of Medicine and Surgery and in other Health Sciences courses. Prof. De Biase is in the teachers’ board of the PhD course in Life Sciences and Erasmus Coordinator of Academic Mobility (Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine). She is promoter of several EU and extra-EU bilateral-agreements for students/academic staff exchange. She is vice-chair and Grant Holder Scientific Representative of a EU-funded COST Action (CA18113) and actively participates in other Erasmus projects, including the CIVIS Alliance and DOMINOS (for online OSCE). She actively serves as Editor and reviewer for several journals.

Website: https://phd.uniroma1.it/web/DANIELA-DE-BIASE_nC2311_IT.aspx

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