Raffaella Buzzetti

Raffaella Buzzetti
Main position/role:
Professor of Endocrinology, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Raffaella Buzzetti is Professor of Endocrinology at the Department of Experimental Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome. She is the Director of Diabetes Unit at Policlinico Umberto I Hospital and is part of the Ordinating Committee of the School of Specialization in Endocrinology and the Teaching Committee of the PhD in “Molecular Medicine”. She is board member of the National Committee of Medical Research Evaluators(MIUR). She is a member of the Ethical Committee of Policlinico Umberto I hospital. Professor Buzzetti has been PI for national and international research projects and won numerous grants; she is also author and co-author of 250 articles (H. Index Scopus 46).
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