Alessia Melegaro

Alessia Melegaro
Main position/role:
Associate Professor in Demography and Social Statistics. Director of the Covid Crisis Lab, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy
Dr. Melegaro is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Social and Political Science in Bocconi University, Milan, where she is the Director of the Covid Crisis Laboratory. Prof. Melegaro received her undergraduate degree in Economics at Bocconi University and a PhD in Epidemiology at the Department of Biological Science, Warwick University. Her main research interest lies at the intersection of epidemiology, demography and public health with a special focus on infectious disease epidemiology and on the effects of control programs. In particular, she has been using quantitative methods to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of alternative public health measures, particularly immunization strategies. She has been awarded two ERC Grants on modelling infectious diseases and particularly on incorporating dynamic demographic structures and human behaviors into the epidemiological framework.
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