Massimo Volpe

Massimo Volpe
Main position/role:
Full professor of Cardiology – Chief of the Cardiology Division, Sant’Andrea Hospital – Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Professor of Cardiology and Chairman of Cardiology at the Specialty School of Cardiology, University of Rome “Sapienza”. He is Chief of the Cardiology Division, Respiratory Science Department at Sant’Andrea Hospital – Rome, Italy. He is also Past Dean of Faculty of medicine and Psychology, University of Rome Sapienza and Pro-Rector Research Planning University of Rome Sapienza. His primary research interests are neurohormonal control of circulation and cardiovascular structural and functional abnormalities in hypertension and heart failure. He is a member of several Italian and International Societies, a Fellow of the American Heart Association (High Blood Pressure Council), and European Society of Cardiology, and Hypertension Specialist of the European Society of Hypertension. He has authored more than 900 publications in prestigious cardiovascular, peer-reviewed, international journals.
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