Alfredo Berardelli

Alfredo Berardelli
Main position/role:
Full Professor of Neurology, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Full Professor of Neurology (since 2001). Chief of the Division of Neurology, University Hospital Policlinico Umberto I° Sapienza University of Rome (2012-present). Chairman of the University Department of Human Neurosciences , Sapienza University of Rome (2018 until 2021)

Lecturer (1980 – 2001).Department of Neurological Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome
Research Registrar (1983-1984) Department of Neurology, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College Medical School, University of London, England. Research Fellow in Neurology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA (1980 -1981). Specialization in Neurology (24/11/1980) Department of Neurological Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome. Medical Degree, Medical School, Sapienza University of Rome (05/07/1976)
Main Research interests: Clinical Neurology, Movement Disorders, Clinical Neurophysiology, Motor Physiology.
President Italian Society of Neurology (2021 at present), President of the Academy for Parkinson’s disease and other Movement Disorders (2014-2016), President of LIMPE (Parkinson’s disease and other extrapyramidal disorders (2011-2013) General Secretary of the Italian Society of Neurology (2010-2013)
Chairman of the European Section of the Movement Disorders Society (2008-2011), Chairman of the “Educational Committee” of the Movement Disorder Society (1996-1998), Secretary of the International Society “The movement Disorder Society” (1993-1996), Secretary of the International Society “International Medical Society of Motor Disturbances” (1991-1992)
Member of the following Medical Societies: International Medical Society of Motor Disturbances”The Movement Disorders Society” “Italian Society of Neurology” “Italian Society of Neurophysiology” “American Academy of Neurology”

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